Monday, April 27, 2009

Sequel to Donnie Darko Must Be Stopped

For those of you who haven't heard, Donnie Darko is the greatest film ever. EVER. The entire thing just never gets boring, and you feel smarter for just getting it the second time.
Of all the movies that don't need sequels, Donnie Darko is at the top of the list. But guess what this Chris Fisher person is doing. Making a motherfucking sequel. About the nonexistent little sister. With that Gossip Girl guy. And that Twilight guy. And Elizabeth Berkley.
I've seen the viral videos. They're kinda cool. The trailer? Like a crappy horror movie. It goes to DTD, but still. Holy Fuck.
Speaking of bad movies, there is a petition circulating to make Uwe Bol retire. Sign it here:
For the future of cinema, stop these two atrocities. It's too late of S. Darko, but Uwe Boll can still be stopped!

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  1. What on earth could a Donnie Darko sequel look like? The story was entirely self-contained and any further additions would simply clutter an otherwise brilliant look at existentialism. Why?