Thursday, April 23, 2009

The State of Television

I'll cut right too it--we, as a species, are at an all-time low. Scientists are spending their time making boner pills and hair-care products. We can't survive without our thousands of unneccesary electronical whatevers. And, unfortunately, the idiots of the world are being rewarded with money, fame, and reality shows.

This TV season and on, reality shows will dominate our screens. From modeling to cooking, from washed-out celebrity families to washed-out celebrity dancing, fat-asses loosing weight to skinny-asses gaining weight, and every housewife in between, there is no doubt that people love watching people. Is it the voyeurism? The relatibility? The sense of superiority one feels when watching douchebags do what they do best--scare away any aliens flying near our desolate little blue planet?

And while we encourage these useless idiots, good shows are being pushed away, down the oblivion that is late-night reruns.

For example, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles--an engaging and suspensful show--is being cancelled for sure due to miniscule ratings. Then again, it is Fox, who is notorious for not letting a show get out of two seasons. After being moved to the Friday Night Death Slot, preceding the new Joss Whedon show Dollhouse (also very good). This cannot be directly blamed on any one reality show, but my point remains valid--the quality of the already flailing TV schedule is going down.

Here are a list of other in-danger or already-dead good shows: Reaper, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Medium, Cold Case, Scrubs, Without a Trace, and The New Adventure of Old Christine.

It's not just reailty TV either. Teen dramas are stinking everything up, too. Gossip Girl, 90210, the upcoming Melrose Place remake...Gossip Girl is overrated and obnoxious, the latter two have had their run, now give some other shows a chance. Sigh.

Maybe I'm, once again, being picking. I can't control what people like. Or maybe I'm just bitter that my favorite shows are being axed. Whatever. Feel free to ignore this page once more.

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